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E-Waste Recycle

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What is e-CAP

e-CAP is a e-waste Collection and Awareness Program. Started in 2013, the program is an initiative by Tes-AMM, IWMA, CII YI and Report Bee. The aim of the program is to collect e-waste from schools and thereby spread awareness about e-waste among the young e-waste contributors of the society. In it's first year the program,collected over 500 kgs of e-waste from just 4 schools. This year, the aim of the program is to reach 100 schools in Chennai and collect 12 to 15 tonnes of e-waste.


Why Participate

e-CAP is a FREE program that allows you to responsibly dispose e-waste by collecting the waste from your doorsteps. Tes-AMM, one of the e-CAP's partners, is a professional and certified recycler of Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment (WEEE). Generation and Irresponsible disposal of e-waste are growing concerns of a developing India as highlighted by the below statistics:

  • (a) Electronic waste, or e-waste, is the fastest growing waste stream in India.
  • (b) Tamil Nadu is the 2nd largest e-waste contributor state and Chennai is the 4th largest e-waste contributor city in India.
  • (c) Household individuals are contributing at least 15% of the total e-waste generated in the country.
  • (d) Improper disposal of e-waste has already degraded the environment and continues to pose large risks to human health.

How to Participate

  • Step-1


    Register your school and a representative for the program.

  • Step-2


    Your school representative attends a half day workshop on in Chennai to gain awareness and collect awareness materials.

  • Step-3


    Your representative spreads awareness among students and creates a safe e-waste dump site within your school premises.

  • Step-4


    Contact us to get the e-waste collected from your school. Exciting prizes for top contributing schools and students.

What can be contributed (E-Waste Categories)

Main E-waste Categories

Office, Information and communication equipment

  • PCs
  • Laptop
  • Hard disc
  • Mobile phones (regular)
  • Smart phones
  • Telephones. fax machines, copiers, printers
  • Chargers
  • Other

Entertainment and consumer electronics

  • Television (regular)
  • Television (flat screen)
  • VCR/DVD/CD players
  • Hi-fi sets, radios

Large household appliances

  • Washing machines
  • Dryers
  • Refrigerators
  • Air-conditioners

Small household appliances

  • Kitchen appliances (toaster, microwave etc.)

Other appliances

  • PWB / CPU (central processing unit)
  • Mobile phone boards
  • CPU Fan
  • Heat Sink
  • FL Inveter
  • FFC Cable
  • Harness Cable
  • Key board
  • LCD Bazel
  • Mother Board
  • RAM Small PCB
  • DVD Drive
  • Speaker
  • W Lan
  • Battery
  • Camera - Laptop
  • Laptop Panel

Rewards of participating in e-CAP 2K14

Rewards for Schools

  • lst Price
  • lst Price
  • lst Price
  • lst Price
  • lst Price

Rewards for School Co-ordinators

  • lst Price
  • lst Price
  • lst Price
  • lst Price
  • lst Price
  • lst Price

Rewards of Students

  • Top 200 students get a cash voucher

  • Next 300 students get a cash voucher

43 schools already participating in e-CAP 2K14

    Photos of e-CAP 2K14


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    Contact us

    E-waste Collection request & Report for Pick Up:
    Shobana R, Tes-AMM - 8939811795

    e-CAP Queries / Coordinator:
    Young Indians (YI) & CII Secretary, Santhosh - 8056048411 & 044-42444555

    e-CAP Project Lead :
    Dr. Shankar, IWMA - 8608510101

    Organizing Committee:

    V Ravisenthilkumar
    Chair Environment (Chennai Chapter), Young Indians & Chief Executive Contacts and Contracts.

    Mr. Rathinam Thyagarajan
    Vice President, Tes-AMM (India) Pvt. Ltd

    Mr. S.Mani
    Chairman, IWMA (Industrial waste Management Association) & President Research & Development -
    Orchid Chemicals & Pharmaceuticals Ltd.

    Mr. Nikhil Aggarwal
    Growth Hacker, Report Bee

    Mr. Nagahari Krishna. L
    Director, Strategic Initiatives & Industrial Affairs, Danfoss India

    Dr. Shankar
    IWMA (Industrial waste Management Association)

    Dr. Indra Priyadarshini
    HOD Chemistry Department, SRM University

    Mr. Deepak Ramaswamy
    Managing Director, ICSA Group